Mediumship . Clairvoyance . Intuitive Development . Goddess Mystery
Shamanic Journeying


 Melissa Waite Stamps is a tested and certified professional Psychic Medium.

3rd eye chakra


"Develop your own intuition and expand your brilliance!"



  • Meet Your Spirit Guides and Spirit teachers. Create clarity and focus in your life goals and purpose working with Intuition, psychic phenomena and Spirit contact.
  • Work with Shamanic Journeying, your power Animals, Spirit Guides and helpers to discover what is stopping you from using your intuitive talents and abilities to create abundance and success 


  • Identify the most powerful actions that will help you unlock your brilliance and gifts, as you trust your intuition.
  • Identify and experience The Goddess in Her infinite manifestations.
  • DREAM your most beautiful dream into your truth, your life experience using Shamanic journeying
  • paths beyond ordinary reality.


Call 201-865-3823 to make an appointment.


You have many universes within you. Discover who you are!




Would you like to develop your intuition to create abundance and financial freedom?
Do you want to understand who you really are and your infinite potential?
Are you ready to use lucid dreaming to seed successful life outcomes in advance?
Is your body giving you energetic signals before dis-ease occurs? Let your Spirit Guides, Shamans teach healing techniques through your dreams!
Have you always wanted to communicate with loved ones who have crossed over?
Are you creating a magnetic attraction for your soulmate?


Learn how to awaken your own intuition!




  • Connect and journey with your spirit guides, spirit teachers, The Goddess and power animals to reclaim your full potential.
  • Learn to work with your dreams to problem-solve life challenges.
  • Develop an understanding of your body’s messages concerning your health.
  • Learn how to set goals in the dream state for successful life outcomes, creativity and wealth.
  • Make a more powerful connection to Source, and to universal awareness.


Melissa Stamps "I have had Clairvoyant and Clairsentient talents since I was a kid. I can see, hear and sense emotions and events in many dimensions. I am passionate about helping people live their lives fully, creatively and abundantly. The process of transformation is an adventure. I would love to be one of your guides for your future success!"
~ Melissa Waite Stamps, Certified Intuitive Counselor, Medium and Clairvoyant, Shamanic Journeying

Call 201-865-3823 to make an appointment.


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